About this publication

The objective of this analysis is to describe the current situation of the organic
sector in Ukraine as of October 2022. The situation is reviewed in two stages:
before the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022; and as
of October 2022, eight months later. This analysis aims to provide all interested
parties with a better understanding of the current situation in the Ukrainian
organic sector and the changes that have occurred since the full-scale war.


The Ukrainian Organic Sector Analysis is conducted by the State Institution
Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office (Ukraine), state project
Diia.Business in cooperation with the Ukrainian Stakeholder Platform “Organic
Initiative” based on the data of the certification body “Organic Standard”,
materials of the web portal OrganicInfo.ua, EU Commission, as well as the results
of the surveys conducted by the authors.


This publication has been produced with the support of Switzerland within the
framework of the Swiss-Ukrainian Programs “Higher Value Added Trade from the
Organic and Dairy Sector in Ukraine” (QFTP) and “Organic Trade 4 Development
in Eastern Europe” (OT4D).