Since the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 not only people’s lives, but also their businesses and infrastructure have been at stake. Once a dynamic and profitable organic sector of Ukraine can stop existing.

According to the Organic Initiative’s analysis, over 90% of the organic sector of Ukraine feel negative effects of the war.

But… Despite all the difficulties, many Ukrainian organic producers

Get back

to the field work and carry out a sowing campaign


and enhance the animal welfare

Look for

alternative ways of distribution and selling organic products


accommodation and organic food for internally displaced people and vulnerable population, and keep saving their staff and their income


to establish new supply chains and overcome the logistic challenges


their best to keep the organic status and comply with the EU organic regulation

Organic sector of Ukraine requires support to survive and continue its work!

The Ukrainian organic stakeholder platform “Organic Initiative” has initiated a Grant Program to support the Ukrainian organic producers to overcome the current difficulties, as well as to preserve and strengthen the capacity of the organic sector of Ukraine in the mid- and long-term perspective.

Learn more about the Grant Program:

We believe that organic stakeholders from all over the world have the same values – respecting and saving life!

Now the Ukrainian organic sector is in need, and you can help it to survive.


Support via a bank transfer
(for the companies)


Make A Donation Now
(Through the payment system)


Any kind of support matters!

We will be very glad to meet you online to discuss the possibilities of your potential support.

Please, contact Olena Deineko, Coordinator of the International Cooperation and Fundraising for Organic Sector of Ukraine, Organic Initiative:

+380 067 103 9694 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)

+48 573 816 280 (Poland)